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A Payment represents a unit of money that has been applied to a Customer and one or more Invoice entries. This includes Cash, Check, Credit, EFT, and Trade payments. Payments can be accessed from AR.


Add Payment

The Add Payment button is located in the bottom right portion of the A/R window.




If you want to apply a payment to the customer you need to have one Customer highlighted in the Customer pane on the right-hand side of A/R.

E.C.- When you apply a payment to a customer you will not have anything on the Invoice list as this payment is applied to the customer.


Apply a Payment

To Apply a Payment you need to do the following:
  • Make sure you are in the correct payment type (Red Square shows drop-down for Cash, Check, Credit Card, EFT, and Trade.
  • Place the Amount you want in the Amount box. (Yellow Oval)
    • For Cash you will have to add the Amount in the amount window.
    • For Check you will need to add the Amount in the amount window and a check# in the designated box.
    • For Credit Car you will need the Amount in the amount window and an Auth# in the designated box.
    • For EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) you will need the amount in the Amount window.
    • For Trade you will need the amount in the Amount window.
  • Click the "Pay" button. (Green Oval). (The "Pay" button will change to "Reverse" allowing you to make corrections before you apply/Ok.)
  • Click Apply/Ok.


  • Date
    Allows you to access a drop down calendar to pick a date.
  • Amount
    Allows you to enter a numerical dollar amount.
  • Type
    Brings up a dropdown menu that allows the payment choices of Cash, Check, Credit Card, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) and Trade.
  • Station
    Allows to pick from the station list Stations.
  • Revenue Source
    Allows to pick from the entries listed in RevenueSources.
  • Revenue Type
    Allows to pick from the entries listed in RevenueTypes.
  • Sales Person
    Allows to pick from the sales people listed in Salespeople.
  • Comment
    Text entries.


If you desire to target a payment/adjustment to a specific type of invoice, you can enable the "Transaction Narrowing" option in Settings->Group->Options.

If you have been using the product prior to this release and you desire to have this capability active, you will need to enable it.



This will be unchecked upon the release and if you want/use Transaction Narrowing. You will need to go to Settings, Group, Options. Scroll down and checkmark the option, On.


Additional Information

Regarding pre-payments; you can enter a new payment and it will sit there waiting for an invoice to be finalized. Upon finalization of the invoice, you can use the Unapplied Payments report to view all payments that are pending and apply all pre-payments to their respective invoices.

See Adjustment.

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