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Software and services for the radio industry.

How to contact the support team?

You can contact support at 1-888-239-8878 during normal business hours or via and you will receive a response as soon as possible.

How can I send a fax to the support team?

You can use the +1-208-788-6273 number to send us a fax.

What is your mailing address?

101 Empty Saddle Tr., Hailey, ID 83333

You get peace of mind because of our great support!

You get the friendliest service in radio! You'll enjoy working with support people who go the extra mile to ensure that you're happy. You get support that's responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. You and our technicians can log into the exact same screens while we're on the phone together. With your permission, together we can review your data, tweak your parameters and advise on how to prevent future data entry errors. You'll get issues resolved faster with our support technology than you've ever experienced from any other vendor before.

You'll deal with nice people. We hire them both because of their happy attitudes and their years of experience as traffic managers at radio stations. (These are rare finds.) Then we train them, with techniques from seminars and books like Blanchard and Bowles' Raving Fans, Sewell’s Customers For Life and Lundin, Paul and Christensen's about great service at Pike's Place Fish Market in Seattle, FISH!

So... where's my traffic software?

Internet up or down, it's always on your computer. In software jargon, RadioTraffic is a "smart client". (Click here to see the Wikipedia entry about what that means.) RadioTraffic software is an executable (.exe) application kept 100% on your computers' local hard drives, like Microsoft Word or Excel. RadioTraffic software always runs on your computers' processors.

Where's my data?

It's everywhere you want it—and then some! Data is housed in a dedicated server farm located in Dallas, TX with redundant servers located on east and west coasts. Hurricanes can't hurt all our servers at once. You benefit from multiple power grids, emergency generators, and redundant Internet backbones. RadioTraffic.com's Internet server farms are staffed and monitored 24/7. Additionally, we also fully support the optional use of the Microsoft Cloud (Microsoft Azure) platform for those that seek even higher levels of performance and reliability at reasonable rates.

What if my internet goes down?

No big deal! Virtually all local Internet and computer problems can be sidestepped by simply moving to any computer at another desk, the public library or an Internet cafe. Anybody's laptop or home computer that can surf the Internet can be your traffic computer quickly. Browse to this website and you'll be up and running in no time. If that computer doesn't already have our software (or it isn't the latest version) it automatically gets downloaded and installed in seconds. You'll be up and running your logs in a minute. If internet connectivity is of utmost concern, we suggest that you discuss options with mobile carriers and 3G/3.5G connectivity in addition to your regular "wired" connection. Many mobile phones allow "tethering" so you may already have what you need to connect to the internet wirelessly from just about anywhere; even if your "wired" internet is not available. (Note, you will need to check with your mobile carrier regarding this option.)

It's easy to switch to RadioTraffic.com.

Account databases and most aspects of contracts usually transfer from other traffic systems. Only if your people have inconsistent entries or put info in places where they're not designed to go (such as email addresses in a fax field) does an auto-transfer require much cleanup? Of course, complex copy rotations, something like a change in your definition of dayparts or a format change are items that complicate a traffic software upgrade.

If your people are experienced on any other traffic and billing system and your station has high-speed Internet, you probably won't need our trainer to travel to your station. That's because using RadioTraffic.com is so intuitive. Most of the start-up work can probably be handled by phone. Your people and our trainer will see the same screens on the Internet and watch each other work.

However, face-to-face training is available, either at your station or at RadioTraffic.com University in Dallas, TX and at certain radio conventions.