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PRIMARY OPERATOR - Please note that in order to protect the integrity and stability of the system, the capabilities mentioned below apply to the Administrator role (primary operator); if you are not the primary operator and you need any changes made to the system that require the use of the following instructions, please contact your primary operator with your request(s).



The group settings window provides a means to configure several aspects of the RT services for use specifically within your group of Stations. This window can be accessed from Settings.


The group details is separated into several tabs; General, Address, Options and Text.



The general tab contains the name of the group, automatic cart assignment settings and more.


Automatic Cart Assignment


The automatic cart assignment section configures the feature that provides a means to provide a pool of values that can be used to automatically generate a cart number when creating a new piece of Copy. This section provides the ability to configure whether or not it's active, the pool of values, how the values are determined (numeric or alpha/numeric) and how often (if at all) to recycle expired cart numbers.

  • Enable
    When checked, turns on the automatic cart assignment feature using the settings provided in this section.
  • Minimum
    The minimum (or starting) cart number of the cart pool to use for automatic cart assignment.
  • Maximum
    The maximum (or ending) cart number of the cart pool to use for automatic cart assignment. Of special note regarding the maximum number: All cart numbers will be automatically zero (0) padded so that they are the same number of characters as the maximum value.
  • Sequence using alpha/numeric characters.
    If enabled, the automatic cart assignment pool will utilize alpha/numeric characters. When disabled, numbers are expected and used.
  • Recycle every n days.
    Over time we suspect that you'll want to re-use cart numbers defined in the cart number pool. This setting defines if and when this recycling process will occur. Leave blank if you never want to recycle cart numbers; otherwise, enter the number of days you'd like after a Copy has expired that the cart number can be re-used. (The variable n represents the number of days configured.)

CS It is possible to modify the settings related to automatic cart assignment at any time; however, this will not modify any of the existing cart numbers on existing Copy. Existing Copy (cart numbers) will be utilized to determine available cart numbers for new Copy based on the updated configuration.


There are a lot of optional features available in the RT services. When some of these options are enabled, additional settings may be visible in this section.


  • Command Timeout
    The value entered here is the number of seconds that will be allowed before a response is expected from the server. The current default is 15 seconds.

  • Fiscal Year Start Month
    If your fiscal year does not start in January, this setting provides the ability to modify the fiscal year offset that will be utilized when generating financial Reports.



The address tab provides a means to specify the address, phone and logo used when printing order confirmations and statements.


See Common UI Behaviors.

  • Address
    The street address.
  • City
    The city.
  • State
    The state.
  • Postal
    The postal code, zip or zip+four.
  • Country
    See Countries.
  • Phone
    The phone.
  • Logo
    The button next to the Logo name provide an open file dialog allowing you to find and select an image to be used. The image will automatically be resized proportionally to fit the 96dpi 160x160 pixel size required.


CS The logo should also be either a .PNG or .BMP file format which are "loss-less" image formats, .JPG should be avoided as it is "lossy" (meaning that it is more concerned with making the file smaller than it is about the integrity of the image). Additionally, the resize algorithm included in RT is basic; for best results, we highly recommend resizing the image using software specifically designed for graphic editing.

  • Report Override
    The report override section is separated into two parts. The check box allows the override to be enabled or disabled. If disabled, the information provided in the address, city, state, postal, Country and phone will be automatically formatted (and displayed below) for use on the Contract Confirmations and Statements. If enabled, whatever is typed into the provided box will be used instead.

Note: The above information will be used when generating Statements and Confirmations. For Invoices, see Station.



Although the application does a lot of things as provided "out-of-the-box," it is possible to tweak the behavior of several feature to better fit your particular needs using one or more options. The options that will be visible are determined by which product and add-ons you have.

  • Documents.Confirmations
    • Combine Date/Time on Confirmations
    • Combine Schedule on Confirmations
    • Enable Fine Print on Confirmations
    • Enable Unlimited Line Comment Length on Confirmations
    • Format Agency on New Line on Confirmations
    • Format as AM/PM on Confirmations
    • Format Line Comment on new line on Confirmations
    • Include Attn Contact on Confirmations
    • Include Avail Type on Confirmations
    • Include Header Comment on Confirmations
    • Include Item Comment on Confirmations
    • Include Line # on Confirmations
    • Include Placement on Confirmations
    • Include Product on Confirmations
    • Include Projected Billing on Confirmations
    • Include Revenue Source on Confirmations
    • Include Revenue Type on Confirmations
    • Include Rotation Summary on Confirmations
    • Include Sales Person on Confirmations
    • Include Signature Line on Confirmations
    • Include Station Summary on Confirmations
    • Include Telephone in Return Address on Confirmations
    • Include Time on Confirmations
    • Make Station optional on Confirmations
    • Use Pre-Printed Letterhead on Confirmations
    • Use short dates on Confirmations
    • Use short times on Confirmations
  • Documents.Invoices
    • Co-Op Group By Copy Name on Invoices
    • Co-Op Summarize on Invoices
    • Co-Op Suppress Scripts on Invoices
    • Enable Duplex (Blank Page) on Invoices
    • Enable Fine Print on Invoices
    • Enable Per Contract Invoice Print Count
      You may want the ability to change the amount of times you print a contract. In Settings Group is the Options tab. Under options, Section:Documents.Confirmations is the option to
Enable per contract invoice print count:

With this option checked it changes the contract page slightly:

You will notice that the Invoice Type dropdown has shrunk slightly and a new window was added that you can place a number in. This number will be the amount of times you will print said invoice.
EC If you set this number to zero it will not print this contract's invoices if you don't need them printed

  • Format Agency on New Line on Invoices
    • Format as AM/PM on Invoices
    • Include Attn Contract on Invoices
    • Include Cart # on Invoices
    • Include Day of Week on Invoices
    • Include Product on Invoices
    • Include Sales Person on Invoices
    • Include Spot/OAR Count on Invoices
    • Include Telephone in Return Address on Invoices
    • Suppress Reprint on Invoices
    • Use Pre-printed Letterhead on Invoices
    • Use short dates on Invoices
    • Use short times on Invoices
  • Documents.Statements
    • Enable Fine Print on Statements
    • Format Agency on New Line on Statements
    • Format as AM/PM on Statements
    • Include Aging on Statements
    • Include Attn Contact on Statements
    • Include Day Of Week on Statements
    • Include Product on Statements
    • Include Sales Person on Statements
    • Include Telephone in Return Address on Statements
    • Include Time on Statements
    • Include Transaction Comment
    • Sort Chronologically on Statements
    • Split Balance on Statements
    • Split Trade on Statements
    • Use Pre-Printed Letterhead on Statements
    • Use short dates on Statements
    • Use short times on Statements
  • Module.Billing
    • Enforce Billing Cycle Boundary
      When enabled, Billing (and, by extension, Reports) will "lock-in" so as to only allow Billing to occur once all the items on an Invoice are completed and the configured (per Contract) billing cycle has completed. With this option disabled (default), it is easy to get your Billing out the door more quickly (hopefully leading to getting paid more quickly) since Invoices can be reviewed, printed and delivered as soon as services have been completed (not having to wait for an arbitrary "billing cycle date"). In other words, if you'd like to have better accuracy in your Invoice results, improve the situation that everyone currently experiences the 1st of every month (Billing) and get paid more quickly, leave this option disabled; if, however, you would like to let your Invoices "cook" for however many days until the arbitrary "billing date" (which could be as much as 30 days) before reviewing, managing and sending, let your customers have additional time to pay for service rendered (up to 30 days extra), potentially have errors due to not being able to deal with any Invoice issues until after the billing cycle has been completed (meaning more difficult to handle MakeGoods) and continue to experience a significant work load "all at one time" (the 1st), enable this option.
    • Shift Short Broadcast Invoices Forward
      This option will shift "short" broadcast Invoices into their respective "projected billing broadcast month" even if they completed (invoice effective date) in the prior calendar month. The invoice date column for these will reflect the effective invoice date (the last invoiced line item). The affected Reports include: Invoice, Accounts Receivable Reconciliation, Billing History, Aging and Aging (by Month). The Enforce Billing Cycle Boundary option (see above) takes precedence if enabled.
  • Module.Contracts
    • Enable Contract Discount
    • Enable Contract Edit Agency %
    • Enable Contract Edit Commission %
    • Enable Contract Force Spot Status
    • Enable Contract Override Conflict
    • Enable Contract Override Customer
    • Use Cancel/Revise Info in Contracts
      When enabled, any Contract that has been canceled and/or revised will be reflected in the Contracts window by modifying the End Date and Revenue to show the "current" amount (instead of the original contracted amount).
  • Module.Copy
    • Copy Voice
  • Module.Logs
    • Enable Logs/Station/Customer Separation
    • Favor Customer Name For Automation
      Modify the behavior of the Log export as it relates to the "description" column. By default, the Copy name is favored; placing the Copy name first and the Customer name second (separated by a "dash" character). Enabling the this option will swap these names; placing the Customer name first and followed by the Copy name (separated by a "dash" character).
  • Module.Reports
    • Enable Economy Print Mode
    • Enable Group Fiscal Offset
  • Xtension.Permissions
    • *NOT RECOMMENDED* Extend Admin Asst (Reverse Invoices)
    • *NOT RECOMMENDED* Extend Admin Asst (Reverse Logs)
    • *NOT RECOMMENDED* Extend Admin Asst (Reverse Transactions)
    • *NOT RECOMMENDED* Extend Admin Asst (Trash Transactions)
  • Xtension.UI
    • Sales Person First Name Last

★ Not available in Essentials..




Provides a means to define (if any) the footer summary text (the section below the bottom line of each page between the date and page number) that will be included on Confirmations and/or Statements.

Each document has its own configuration and accessible via their respective sub-tabs.


  • Footer Comment
    The text entered here will be used on Confirmations.


See Confirmations.


  • Footer Comment
    The text entered here will be used on Statements.


See Statements.

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