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Premier Benefits (Additional)

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Premier Benefits


Here are some of the benefits of Premier:

  • The first company to make available a native x64 traffic and billing system!
  • Online traffic software that lets people work from anywhere.
  • Easy, no fuss, no muss, automatic and quick software updates that keep you up to date without the headaches.
  • Unique dashboard notification system letting you know, at a glance, what needs to be done and instantly jump to the task by simply clicking on the entry.
  • One of the very few products in the broadcast industry that focuses on the basics such as taking the time to validate basic information including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. so that your data makes more sense and, ultimately, has less billing errors.
  • Streamlined billing process that brings together all tasks related to invoicing (reviewing, posting, pre-payment, printing, emailing (add-on) and exporting for agency electronic delivery (add-on). more...
  • Manage all copy from a single window.
  • Reports that can customized to present the information in the way that you'd like; more importantly, this can be done by you! (See MyViews.)
  • Enhanced log editing capabilities providing real-time feedback regarding conflicts, avail type, time, etc. during drag/drop operations without ever releasing the mouse button.
  • Enhanced log editing providing preview of spot rotations prior to locking the log.
  • Enhanced log reconciliation integrating MyViews to provide grouping, sorting, filtering, column chooser, etc. in order to organize the information in a manner that is more conducive to your personal style making log reconciliation more efficient and effective.
  • Cart # in-use warning letting you know if a cart number is in use by another piece of copy including account name(s).
  • Don't settle for the boring gray windows, brighten up your day or get into the holiday spirit with custom Skins (Note: The video is old, there are many more skins to choose from.).
  • Easily include a message (such as anti-discrimination notice) on confirmations, invoices and statements. Each type of document can a different message.
  • Easily create summary reports simply by removing columns from the reports (not requiring re-running the report).
  • Automatic cart number management while still easily able to override giving you full control.
  • Integrates with all the major automation systems.
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) lower than any competitor... period.
  • Multiples of dozens of options for customizing the information and layout of statements, invoices and confirmations.
  • Daily scheduling of spots (using a calendar).
  • Create schedules that never bill (zero invoice) such as PSA/Promos, bonus, etc.
  • Quickly see an advertisers projected billing without having to run a report or produce any documents.
  • Easily flag any advertiser as Active, Prepay, Warning, On Hold and Collection.
  • Easily attach internal-only notes to each individual contract.
  • Easily reschedule spots to another day (within schedule start/end dates) directly from the log bump list.
  • Quickly create and apply a payment to an invoice.
  • Easily manage make goods during billing.
  • Automatically collate printed statements and invoices.
  • And more...

Requires at least Microsoft Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10; recommended and optimized for Microsoft Windows(tm) 10 x64.