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Reports Sand Garden

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Reports Sand Garden


WORK IN PROGRESS - Please understand that we are actively rewriting much of our documentation and this page is currently "under construction"; if there's anything that you'd like to see added to and/or expanded upon, please let us know by sending us a smile.



Reports Sand Garden is going to show you a few reports that have been created by you the user in your day to day or week to week need. Show you how they were created and the steps we used.

We want to show the versatility and usefulness of the Reports pages.


Due Diligence

When you load up a report for the first time it is in its base form. If you have made changes it will be in an "As you left it" stage. This is in there to save your entries for further use. If you adjust it for another reason, you will have to go back and forth between the custom reports you make or you can try and use another base report. If you think that you messed up the report you're trying to adjust, don't forget that you can reset it to the base settings.

There is nothing like an "oops" moment where you remove too much:


Main Menu, View, Reset:

Yes, it's starting over, but it's starting over at the base report.


Filtering, Basic

Basic manipulation within reports is in the context menu:

Right click anywhere in the Columns Bar(Yellow Box):


And you will open it up:

  • Sort Ascending A-Z - Sorting alphabetically A to Z.
  • Sort Ascending Z-A - Sorting alphabetically Z to A.
  • Clear Sorting - Undo the sorting you may have used.
  • Hide Group-by box - Removes the Group-by box. (The bar within the green box in the picture above).
  • Show Group-by box - Brings back the Group-by box it is missing.(The bar within the green box in the picture above).
EC People have opened up a report and the bar (Green bar in the picture above) is missing. Open up the context menu and click this to see if comes back.
  • Remove this Column - Removes the column you have your cursor over.
EC This is how you remove the column or columns in the group-by bar as well.
  • Column Chooser - Opens up the extra Columns box on the report page.
EC This window can be moved around, even off the reports page. We do this so you can see the entire report while dragging columns off, but if you lose it just exit out of the report and back in, open up the Column Chooser and it will be there.
  • Best Fit - Will try and resize the column you have your cursor over.
  • Best Fit (all columns) - Will try and resize all of the columns.
  • Filter Editor - For advanced filtering.

You will be using two of the above more often than the rest. Remove this Column and Column Chooser. The columns choices depend on what report your in. If you want a more detailed list of what columns are in what reports. See Reports. Any column you remove goes back into the column chooser so if you remove the wrong one you can get it again.


First Sample

Starting with the base report on Aging:

Remove the Customer group-by button at the top (In the Group-by Bar).
Right clicked and remove "Applied" and "Detail" columns.

Added "Sales Person" column from the column chooser.
Dragged (Held down left click) the "Total" column to the front.

It's Now done.

Here I add the "Last Payment Received" column as others have added it to this report'


Second Sample

For this one, we are going to show how we can manipulate the Contracts Report to Sort by Product and Comment. There may not be a lot of you that will sort by both, but we have seen a few and we wanted to show off the "Group-By" feature as well as highlight the byproduct of adding a Product Type and Comments to your contracts.

EC In these videos I am sliding the splitter bar all the way to the right to maximize your viewing area. If you want to know more about the splitter bar. See Common UI Behaviors, Splitter bar.


  • Drag Customer tab down from Group-By Bar to Column Bar.
  • Right-click > Context Menu > Column Chooser and add:
    • Comment Column.
    • Product Column.
    • Revenue Source Column.
    • Revenue Type Column.
    • Station Column.
    • Salesperson Column.

  • Close Column Chooser.



  • Drag Product Column up to Group-By Bar.
  • Drag Comment Column up to Group-By Bar.

Finished Report...


EC We have seen stations use the Product window in a contract for their own use. Often to designate differing contracts within the same customer. When they add something else to the Comments it gives contracts even more definition when making reports. Most if not all Reports have the Comments and Product Columns.


Report Templates

If you find that you don't like making detailed reports over and over may we recommend the Report_Templates add-on? Yes, this is a shameless plug for an add-on, but we have quite a few Traffic Managers as well as Sales that tell us they cant work without it. The loudest reason we hear is that with the ability to save a self-made report, is that they are able to build from those self-made reports to an even more detailed report to gather the info they need.

The Best thing I've heard concerning this add-on is the quote;

"If I have to make a report twice, I save it".



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