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Revenue Projection 12 Month Net

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Report: Revenue Projection 12 Month Net

The Revenue Projection 12 Month Net report provides the same info as the ReportRevenueProjection and covers the net, net effective and net canceled dollars for the current 12 months report period.

This report is launched from the Reports window.



Please be sure to review the Reports page for common functionality shared by the majority of our reports.



  • Period
    • Custom Dates
    • Today





  • Station - See Station.
  • Sales Person - See SalesPerson.
  • Customer - See Customer.
  • NE$ (Net Effective Dollars, Month 01 thru 12, Current Year).



  • Agency - See Agency.
  • Avail Type - See AvailType.
  • Billing Cycle - A contract is be created that generate Invoices in several ways:
    • None - This is a special "billing cycle" that effectively disables any Invoice from being created and is meant for a contract that is a PSA, Promo, Bonus, etc.
    • Calendar - The items on this contract will be automatically placed within a calendar month billing boundary; if the contract runs where the items cross over multiple months (calendar month billing boundary), multiple invoices will automatically be generated accordingly for each month.
    • Broadcast - Similar to Calendar except on a standard radio broadcast billing cycle boundary.
    • Weekly - Similar to Calendar except on a weekly billing cycle boundary which starts at the beginning of every Monday.
    • End of Schedule - Regardless of how long the contract is running, only one Invoice will be produced. This type of billing cycle is recommended for "short-run" orders.
    • Begin of Schedule - Once this contract is approved, an Invoice is immediately produced and approved that can then be sent to the Customer for payment for the total of the contract. As the items execute, further Invoices are created (similar to the Calendar billing cycle) that are zero dollar and can be used a affidavit of performance. Begin of Schedule is ideal for handling Pre-Payments.

      CS It is possible to change this value after the contract has been approved; however, extreme care should be taken when doing so as this completely removes any existing Invoices and recreates them based on the newly selected billing cycle. Any payments that have been applied will also be automatically reversed and will need to be manually reapplied after the newly created Invoices are re-approved.

  • Contract # - See Contract.
  • Contract/Line # - See Contract.
  • N$ (Net Dollars, Month 01-12, Current Year).
  • NX$ (Net Canceled Dollars, Month 01-12, Current Year).
  • N$ Total (Net dollars added together for the twelve month period presented, Current Year).
  • NE$ Total (Net effective dollars added together for the twelve month period presented, Current Year).
  • NX$ Total (Net canceled dollars added together for the twelve month period presented, Current Year).
  • Postal - See Contract
  • Primary Conflict - See Conflicts.
  • Product - The product.
  • Revenue Source - See RevenueSource.
  • Revenue Type - See RevenueType.
  • Sales % - Sales numbers.
  • Secondary Conflict - See Conflicts.
  • State - The customer's state .

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