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Release Notes

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Release Notes



With each new version of the product, we keep a running list of changes that we refer to as the "release notes". These release notes are located on our website and are easily visible from within the product by utilizing the Release Notes window which is accessible from the Dashboard under the View main menu entry.



You can use the scroll bar to the write of the content area to scroll through the content.

The OK button will close the window.



What is the "client45 platform"?

The term "client45" is a name for the "platform" that Premier, Essentials and EXP are built upon.

Another way to think of this is that "client45" is the engine that powers several products; it's what enables the combination of features and add-on's that are available to you so that we can make good on our promise to provide you with a final product that allows you to only pay for the features and capabilities that you actually use.

The name is a combination of the word "client" (as it is a client application) and the numbers "45" which represent that we have built this product on top of Microsoft .NET 4.5. To put this into perspective, we used to have a platform called "client40" which is a client application that we built on top of Microsoft .NET 4.0.

I see that the release notes discuss features I don't have; where can I find list products and add-on's that are available?

TODO Need to answer this question.


Additional Information

See ReleaseNotes.

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