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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions






Add a new customer?

In Settings on the dashboard, click the Customers icon to open the customer list then click new.

Delete a customer?

Because RadioTraffic also handles your billing and accounting, you cannot delete a customer who has had an order with your business. However, to remove a client from customer lists and billing reports, open the client in the customer window and change their status from active to inactive.

Add an Agency so they can receive invoices?

Agencies are attached to the customer, so you'll add an Agency from the Customer window.

From the dashboard, open the Contracts module. Select the Customer, and double-click to open. Navigate to the Scheduling tab. Hover your mouse on the word Agency, and right click and select New.

Enter the Agency address and email address.

Enter an order for an Agency? They don't show up on my customer list. The Agency is attached to the Customer, so when the order is entered the agency should be showing up in the Customer/Order header area.

What is customer separation?

Separation at the customer level separates this customer from itself based on the breaks or minutes you choose. In the Administration/conflict level, this separates the same clients from each other. The default separation for that is one but can be changed.



Create a new piece of copy?

Create new copy in the Customer window. Open the Contract module and select the customer from the Customer list. Double click to open the Customer window.

Under the Copy, tab clicks New. Enter a name for the copy and its length, start and end dates, which station(s) it will run on, and a cart number. Click OK to create the new piece of copy.

Check for an invalid copy?

Try running the Invalid copy report instead of the copy assignment it is much cleaner and easier to understand. When you open the report it will automatically load it for 7 days, when a day (box) is checked it means there is a missing copy of that day.



Approving contracts when someone is in the log?

RadioTraffic allows users to enter and save contracts at any time. If someone in traffic is working in a log that would be affected by the contract, RadioTraffic does not allow users to approve the contract until the log is saved and closed. Please use this opportunity to notify the user working in the log that a contract with spots intended for that day is pending. Once the log is closed, the contract can be approved and added to the log.

Enter a long-term contract?

RT allows you to enter a contract term of 18 months. If you wish to extend the contract beyond that, duplicate the line item and enter the next start date 12 months later for the remainder of the term.

Just flat bill an account without scheduling ads?

To do a Flat Bill, go to the OAR line, choose either Daily, Weekly or Monthly. If you choose Monthly make sure you put the start and end date of the month in, you can also do multiple months on the same OAR line item by choosing for ex: June 1 start date and 12/31/2011 end date.

Changing the start date of an order?

If the order has not started yet, open the order, go to the line item, highlight the line and right click and select Cancel, select Yes, then select the Apply button to keep you in the screen, then open the line item and make your changes.

Where do I put the spots per day for an OAR (off Air Revenue) order?

Enter your spots just as you would any other, with a 0 rate, once you have entered the spots then enter your OAR on the next line.

How do I remove a line in an order that did not run, but spots were put on the log?

Go into the order, open the order, go to View/ Placement Summary and right-click on each spot and force bump, then force trash and that will take the spots off the log and they will not get billed.

Is there a way to edit a contract before it has started?

Yes, some aspects of a contract can be edited before it starts. Open the contract in the Contract Module. Navigate to Options > Correction Mode. You can edit any of the contact information, including the agency, salesperson, tax, conflicts, billing cycle. You can also add or edit comments.

To edit the start or end times, placement ranking, avail type, or rate of the contract, double-click on the line item.

How do use % (percentages on copy assignment?

put in your cart numbers and put in rotation with ratio button

How do I edit an order?

Highlight the order you wish to edit and right click. Options/correction mode. If the line has already started you will need to duplicate the line and make changes and then stop the previous line.

How do I edit a line item?

In an open order, highlight the line item you wish to edit and right click. Choose EDIT from the menu and make any changes. Make sure to click APPLY before exiting to save any changes.

I don't have the option to edit a line item.

If a line item has already begun to air, you cannot edit the line. If you need to make changes to an order that has started, right click on the line and STOP the line. Duplicate the line item, make your changes and then approve the line.

What is Off-Air Revenue?

Off-Air Revenue is sometimes called NTR or Non-Traditional Revenue. This is for any item that does not involve actual commercials like live broadcasts or ads on your website.



How do I set up a rotation? In the contract, click the Rotation tab located next to the Item tab. Click New, then Add and select the cart number you want to add into the rotation. Click OK to close the Rotation Items window. Click OK to close the Copy Assignment window. You should be back to your Contract, where you can use the arrows on the right of the Rotation field to select the order of the rotation.

Why can't I add rotations?

Make sure RadioTraffic has the rotation assignment option enabled. From the dashboard navigate to Settings > Group > Options > Contracts > and scroll to the Section Module Contracts. Enable Rotation Assignment should be checked.



How can I save a report so I can email it?

Most of our reports can be saved to several formats including PDF, which can be attached to an email.

For those reports that currently do not support this, there are several virtual printers that are available. The main two are PDF and XPS document writers; of which we've exclusively tested using the XPS family (which is installed/used by Microsoft Windows Vista and/or Microsoft Office). If you do not have Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Office 2007 or greater (of which the XPS components are already installed), you can download them for free by going here.

How can I export a tab-delimited report?

When you are ready to export your Report, navigate to File > Export > Save As Type, and in the drop down select Tab Delimited. Save it to your desktop for easy access.

To import the file in Excel go to File > Open, change from All Excel Files to Text Files, browse to where you put your file on your desktop. When you choose your file, you will get a Text Import wizard, click, Next, Next, then Finish, and your report ready to manipulate in Excel.


Create a package

Put in the first order, Once you have put in the first order save the order and go out/highlight the line of the order you just put in and right click and select Create Package/give the package a name. Then when you have other orders to enter, all you have to do is right click and select New From Package and pick the package and it will place all lines for you and all you have to do is enter the cart numbers.


Daylight Saving Time

You don't need to do anything in Radio Traffic for Daylight Saving Time. In the Spring you will not have to place anything in the 2:00 AM hour as it will be skipped as 2:00 AM becomes 3:00 AM in the log. In the Fall your 1:00 AM log hour will play twice as the clocks go back from 2:00 AM to 1:00 AM in the log.

Most Automation Systems should be mindful of Daylight Saving Time, but RadioTraffic is not responsible for what the Automation System does with Daylight Saving Time.

For More Information about Daylight Saving Time http://aa.usno.navy.mil/faq/docs/daylight_time.php