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This window contains all of the tools necessary to efficiently manage network affiliate related content and activities. This window can be accessed directly from the Dashboard.




Introducing EZ-NET… an option that can save traffic people significant hours per week. Stations that used to spend over 6 hours per week importing network ads the old fashioned way tell us they can now get the job done in under 6 minutes with EZ-NET. The EZ-NET window contains everything you need to import, process, manage and report on network related spots.

What the network states is what we do, automatically.



Across the top is the Main Menu. On the left hand side of the window you’ll see a list of network “shows”. When you select a NetworkShow, the right hand side of the screen contains the network “schedules” for that show.


Main Menu

  • File
    • Close
      This closes the window.
  • View
    • Trashed
      By enabling this toggle, the NetworkShow list is updated to display all the items that are in the "trash bin". By default, this is not enabled. NOTE: Trashed items will be displayed in the list differently utilizing an italicized font.
    • Reset
      Resets the view of both panes (modified using MyViews) to their factory-original state.
    • Refresh
      Refreshes the content (data) in both panes.
  • Tools
    • Make Goods
      This provides a list of all spots that have been bumped from your Logs. In addition to NetworkShow and run dates the windows shows total count of bumped spots. From this list you have the option of canceling/trashing any spots you do not wish to MakeGood. Check the box in the "dismiss" column next to the spots you wish to eliminate and then click the "trash" button that will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • Options
      To configure which networks and what NetworkShows are available, you utilize the EZ-NET_Config window; this tool launches this window. See EZ-NET_Config.
  • Reports
    • Network Affidavit
      To further ease the process of affidavit reporting, this report provides easy access to all of the information needed. This report contains all of the necessary information formatted in a manner that is very similar to that required by the different networks so that you can easily follow the report and transfer the numbers accordingly. See “Network Affidavits” report.
    • Network Copy
      Provides a list of added/updated Copy that you can present to your production department. See “Network Copy” report.


Network Shows

The network shows section contains the list of active NetworkShows that will be processed when clicking on the “Fetch” button (located just below the list of network shows). Each show is named using a short-hand nomenclature to assist in easily identifying where the NetworkShow originates and what Station it belongs to. For example, “P.KXYZ-AM – Yellow Rose News Hour” is the Yellow Rose News Hour NetworkShow from Premiere Network for the KXYZ-AM radio Station. As a side note, we also, by default, create an AvailType that matches this name to assist in the direct placement of these spots on the Log; you just need to include these on your Templates/Formats accordingly. For example, using “Yellow Rose News Hour”, we are bartering 7 minutes per week. The first time we see this NetworkShow (during configuration), you will also need to update your Templates/Formats to specify where this NetworkShow will fall in order to dedicate the 7 minutes per week (according to the agreed upon schedule). After doing this, the spots will fall according to this configured placement so you basically don’t have to worry about the “scheduling” of these each week which further reduces the overall effort involved.


Context Menu

This menu is access by using the mouse to right click anywhere in the NetworkShow pane. See Common UI Behavior.

  • Open
    Opens the highlighted NetworkShow.
  • Make Good
    Presents a dialog that displays the outstanding MakeGood spots associated with the selected NetworkShow.
  • Fetch
    Will process the selected NetworkShow (not the entire list). Refer to the Fetch Button (below) for more details on this process.
  • Trash
    Provide quick access to mark a NetworkShow as being inactive and, being inactive, will no longer be displayed in the list (unless the View->Trashed option is enabled (see Main Menu above).
  • Un-trash
    When a NetworkShow has been trashed and the View->Trashed option is enabled (see Main Menu above), this tool will re-activate the show. The next time you use the “Fetch” button, this NetworkShow will now be included.


Fetch Button

Clicking on the Fetch button will process the entire active list of NetworkShow entries for new NetworkSchedules.


The bottom right hand corner of this window you will see two progress bars. The first progress bar represents the scanning progress for the processing of the NetworkShows. The second progress bar represents the overall progress for processing any found NetworkSchedules.


Network Schedules

The Network Schedules pane contains two tabs, Schedules and Network.


Schedules Tab

The Schedules tab contains a list of NetworkSchedules that have been successfully imported using either the Fetch button or the Fetch tool from the NetworkShow context menu. Each NetworkSchedule represents one week worth of spots.

This pane is MyViews enabled.

Context Menu

This menu is access by using the mouse to right clicking an a particular NetworkSchedule pane. See Common UI Behavior.


Network Tab

The “Network” tab provides for a custom web browser that enhances/streamlines the networks actual web site.

Some of the customizations include:

  • Automatic login.
    No need to log out or close the browser to change between Stations and Networks.
  • Reduce noise.
    This means much of the extraneous information on the respective website is removed and you are taken directly to the selected NetworkShow. Only the details that are relevant are kept and all other information is filtered away.
  • Enhanced color coding.
    For example, any schedules that are red represent a schedule that was in the past and needs to be processed for affidavit reporting.
  • Rewired experience.
    Where we can, we've worked to streamline the work flow by "rewiring" the links on their respective web sites. For example, in one of the networks, you no longer have to go to the separate affidavit section in order to click on the schedule to process it; instead, we’ve merged the two separate sections together so you can more efficiently get the job done. Similar treatment, where appropriate, has been done to all of the other networks.


Close Button

Closes the window.

EzScript is powered by ShinyScript from Shiny Stone Digital and Design.

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