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Contract (Line Item Calendar)

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Contract (Line Item Calendar)

The calendar editor is utilized for scheduling a ContractLineItem Schedule option is set to Daily.

This feature was introduced in Premier 2014.



Contracts that have one or more ContractLineItem entries that configured as Daily schedule:

  • Are significantly limited with regards to Duplicate. When you duplicate a Contract and modify the effective date to something other than what it was originally, one or more ContractLineItem entries will be significantly reduced or completely eliminated due to the nature of "calendar" scheduling. The units (spots) will not shift in any way, meaning that a 10 spots on Jan 1 will always be 10 spots on Jan 1 regardless of the duplicated Contract having a new effective date. If Jan 1 does not fall within then duplicated Contract, it is eliminated.

    CS There are several sticky scenarios related to this. For example, if a "daily" schedule contains a spot for Tuesday Jan 1; if we were to just "shift" the schedule like we are able to do with "weekly", not only the day would be different, but the day of the week would also be different, possibly falling on a Saturday or Sunday... producing a result that is most likely not desired.

  • Are significantly limited with regards to Packages. See issues related to Duplicate.



The upper portion of the window contains the currently displayed Month and Year, to the right of this is the overall ContractLineItem Start Date and End Date. The middle portion of the window contains the days of the currently displayed calendar, to the right of this is a summary of units and revenue. To the lower portion of the window you will see a summary of units/revenue by month and overall ContractLineItem schedule. The lower left hand portion of the window contains an Apply Pattern button.



The month and year portion of the window controls which, if available, full calendar portion of the schedule (defined using the Start Date and End Date fields) is currently displayed for modification. Using the buttons on either side of either the month or year will decrease or increase the respective value accordingly (if available).


Start/End Date

The Start Date and End Date fields are initially populated by the parent ContractLineItem window and can be modified in this window. Any changes made to these fields will, in turn, update the ContractLineItem counterparts accordingly.

If the units (spots) per day exist and the range is modified so that these days are no longer valid, the units (spots) per day are automatically removed.



The calendar displayed contains the day of the month and a field is made available to enter the number of units (spots) that will be scheduled for that particular date.

You can navigate through these fields using either the tab key or the up, down, left and right arrow keys.



The summaries include the "per week", "per month" and "per schedule". These display their respective unit counts and the effective gross revenue amount accordingly.


Apply Pattern

The Apply Pattern button provides a tool to enter a "pattern" using a comma-separated list of units. For example, you could enter "3,3,0" (without quotes) and, upon pressing OK, would set all of the fields available, starting on the first day of the schedule (Start Date) based on this pattern and repeating the pattern until the last day of the schedule (End Date).

CS A very useful pattern is entering 8 values where the 8th value is "0". For example, starting the schedule on a Monday date going for three weeks; entering "1,0,1,0,1,0,1,0" (without quotes) would schedule a spot on M, W, F, Su for the first week and T, Th, S the next and back to M, W, F, Su for the following. This works because of the "8th" value pushing the offset forward.


Additional Information

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