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Change Password

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Change Password


The Change Password window can be accessed through the Tools main menu located on the Dashboard.

At your (or stations) option, you may wish to change your RT password. It is easy to do so using the provided Change Password window.

Enter your current password in the Previous Password field.

CS - The requirement of the current password being entered is to protect your account in the event that you leave your computer unattended while actively using RT.

Enter your new password in the New Password and confirm this new password is entered correctly by entering the password again in the Confirm Password field.

If everything is entered correctly, the red exclamations will no longer be visible and the OK button will be enabled. Click the OK button to complete the password change process.


Password Rules

Name and password cannot be too similar

Cannot be on the list of worst 500 passwords. (And no the list is not on this site.)


Forced Change

Under some circumstances the Change Password window will automatically be presented upon logging into the system with your current username and password. In the event that this occurs, it is either because your password is no longer due to necessary improvements to the overall password rules (see above) or your administrator has flagged our user accounts as needing to have the password changed.