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The Canada add-on extends the product is several key ways:

  • Includes a place to put a business number required to do billing in Canada.
  • Includes and extends the Tax add-on for use in Canada.
  • Provides future ability to further customize RT for use in Canada.



To set up the business number Under Settings, Click on Stations:


Double click on the Station you want to add the Number to: Image

In the Box marked GST/HST (show with yellow oval) place your Canadian Business Number Image



The business number appears on invoice(s)as such, (marked by yellow oval)


The differences related to taxes in Canada is that a province may only want the GST and another province want HST and a third may want both.

You can place your tax percentage in the box along with a short code like GST or HST.

For those provinces that want both GST and HST they usually don't require you to have it split. You can add them together to get the total percentage and just place that into the box.


Splitting the Tax

If you or the Providence wants the Split tax to show up on invoices RadioTraffic makes that possible. It requires very specific placement of characters with the split numbers. but don't worry we will show you how.

You see, in the image below, the most basic way to place the split. The letters can spell anything you wish (within reason of window size) but you must place the numbers in with the percentage and surrounded by the parens (In yellow) Image

Then fill the Percentage window with the TOTAL amount. (in Blue)

Now your printed invoices it will look like this. Image

The split will not show up in reports. They will be together as the total. Image

See Tax.



If there's anything that you'd like to see added to and/or expanded upon, please let us know by sending us a smile.)))


Additional Information

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