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Avail Types

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Avail Types


WORK IN PROGRESS - Please understand that we are actively rewriting much of our documentation and this page is currently "under construction"; if there's anything that you'd like to see added to and/or expanded upon, please let us know by sending us a smile.

Avail types are the different building blocks used to build logs. These are also used to define in each individual contract the location on the log where the spots are to be placed.

Any avail types created (or modified) are available for all stations in the log. Any modification to existing avail types that are in use will have impact on existing logs that are using the modified avail type:


You can add a new avail type at any time in Settings using the "Avail Types" tool. It is also possible to manage avail types using the Log window.


Main Menu

  • File
    • New - Creates a new item.
    • Open - Opens the highlighted item.
    • Print - Prints the existing visible list.
    • Print Preview - Print previews the existing visible list.
    • Export - Exports the existing visible list.
    • Close - Closes the window.
  • View
    • Trashed - Checkmark on or off to show Trashed Avail Types.
    • Reset - Reset the page to base settings.
    • Refresh F5 a page refresh.


  • Name - The name of the Avail.


Context Menu


  • Open - Opens the highlighted item.
  • New - Creates a new item.
  • Merge - Provides the ability to merge the selected item with another. You highlight the item you want to merge (remove), right click, select Merge. Upon doing so, you will be prompted with a list of the other items to select which item you wish to merge to (keep). Everywhere where the merged (removed) item is currently in use will automatically be replaced (updated) with the selected (kept) item.
  • Trash - This places the Avail in a Trashed state which hides it unless you have the "trashed" checkmark under View in the main menu. You can at anytime right click on a trashed item and Untrash it.


New Button

Clicking on the New button a new item:



Hot Keys

  • F1 - Launches the help system (requires correctly configured system default web browser).
  • F4 or Ins - Creates a new item.
  • F5 - Refreshes the view from the server.
  • F6 or Esc - Closes the window.
  • Enter - Opens the highlighted item.
  • CTRL+Del - Deletes the highlighted item. This is a "real delete"; once done, it's gone forever.
  • Home - Moves the highlight line to the top of the list.
  • End - Moves the highlight line to the bottom of the list.


Avail Type

The Avail Type window allows you to add and/or modify an Avail Types item.

In this window you have the following field(s):

  • Name


Composite Avail Types

There may be times that you want an avail type to accept multiple types of content. To do so, you can create an avail type that can, on logs, act as multiple avail types. We refer to these types of avails as a "Composite Avail Type".

To accomplish this, you will need to create the individual base avail types (as described above) that you desire to combine into the composite avail type. Once completed, you then create the composite avail type by creating a new avail type (as you've done previously), except now you need to use the same names (exactly as they appear in the previously created base avail types) and separate them using the pipe (|) symbol (usually the SHIFT+BACKSLASH (\) key). Place these in order of preferential placement; meaning the primary, secondary, etc. The ordering of these elements will be utilized by the spot placement engine on the log to give preference to the primary, then the secondary, etc.

Any composite avail type (see below) in list will be shown with the name including the pipe (|) symbol (usually the SHIFT+BACKLASH (\) key).

The names on either side of the pipe symbol must match one of the base avail types. There should be no space characters; the names of the individual avail types of the composite list should match exactly the names of the base avail types.

Composite avail types are only usable on logs as targets for spots to be placed. When entering a contract, only the base avail types can be used. These base avail types are then utilized in scheduling (on the log) to determine where the spot can be placed. If there are one or more composite avail types on the log, the base avail type of the spot is checked to determine if it can also go into one of the target composite avail types.

It is also important to consider the ordering of the names in the composite avail types as this may become relevant in the near future. The "more important" (priority) should be given to the first base avail type in the composite list.



Any avail types created (or modified) are available for all stations in the logs. Any modification to existing avail types that are in use will have impact on existing logs that are using the modified avail type.


Additional Information

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