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The agencies window shows you a list of all agencies entered into the system. It can be accessed from Settings.



Main Menu

  • File
    • New Create a new Agency.
    • Open: Open an existing Agency.
    • Print: Prints the list (view).
    • Print Preview: Print previews the list (view).
  • View
    • Trashed: Persistent checkmark to show/hide Trashed. Can be turned off or on.
    • Reset: Resets the page to base settings.
    • Refresh: Refreshes the page.




  • Name: Name of Agency.
  • Billing Name: Billing Name.
  • Contact: Person that is the point of contact.
  • Commission: Commission Rate.


  • Address: Agency Physical Address.
  • City: City of Agency.
  • Created: Time and date that the Agency was created.
  • EDI#: The number given to the radio station from the Agency dealing with Electronic Delivery of Invoices.
  • Fax: Agency fax number.
  • Phone: Agency phone number.
  • Postal: Agency postal code.
  • State: The state the agency resides.

Update of Archiving and Trashing abilities in the Agency window inside of Settings.


We now have two levels of removal (Archived and Trashed) from the Agency window for better file management. Each of these can be returned to an active state with the Un-Archive and Un-Trash ability that you will only see in a context menu of an agency that can be...

Merge and Multi-Select:


Merge, will move all allocated areas assigned from the original sales commission to the merged one, you assign it to, and then deletes the original sales commission selected.

Multi-Select, allows you to Shift/Left click or ctrl/left click to gather a few commissions and right click to open the Context menu and apply to all highlighted.




The agency window contains all of the information about each agency.


  • Name: The name of the Agency.
  • Billing Name: What name normally will appear on an invoice.
  • Contact: The name of the person who acts as the point of contact for this particular agency.
  • Status: The current state of the agency.

    Active - Normal and default status; no messages are presented and agency is visible everywhere.
    Inactive - Inactive agency are not visible anywhere in the system except for the Agency window.

  • Commission: A drop menu of inputted commission rates.
  • EDI #: The EDI routing number given to the station by the agency.


Contact Info

You will see two address sections in this tab. The first is the physical address of the agency. It can also be the mailing address for invoices.

However, if the agency uses a P.O. Box for their mail, you have the option to add a second billing address. Uncheck the box next to the world "Same" in the Billing Address section to enter the billing address.

The phone section allows you to store a phone and fax number for the agency.



Is there a way I can set up a Customer with the RevenueSource of "Regional Agency Net" to always be 0% AgencyCommission or do I just have to manually do it within each Contract?

  • You can set up an AgencyCommission type of that and attach it to the Agency then when the Agency gets attached to the Customer it will show as zero %.
  • Go to the Invoice right click and open the Invoice then go down to the line items and right click on each one and open and change the rates. If you need the Revenue Projection report to show the correct rates, you can go to the Contract, open the line item, use the main menu Options->Correction Mode and change the rate there also.

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