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The Accrual add-on provides additional reports where the revenue is presented using the accrual accounting method (calendar month) regardless of billing cycle of the contracts/invoices.

To say this another way, accrual is an accounting method that measures the performance and position of a company by recognizing economic events (revenue) regardless of when transactions (invoicing) occur.

CS - If you aren't sure what any of this means, chances are you do not have any need for this add-on; however, those that do know what this means... this add-on is AWESOME!



The Accrual add-on extends the product in several key ways; however, what is visibly different is localized to reports.



The first addition is the added ability to toggle whether or not the Accrual reports are visible in the reports list.

The second is the addition of the following accrual versions of several of the base reports:

  • Reconciliation (Accrual)
    Detailed line item(s) for each customer showing the AR accrual activity for the specified report period.
  • Billing History (Accrual)
    Billing history by month, quarter or annually.
  • Invoice (Accrual)
    Detail line of the invoices issued during the report period; includes gross, discount, agency commission, net, tax and sales commission.
  • Revenue Projection (Accrual)
    Details expected (accrual) revenue over the next 3 months based on approved contracts.
  • Annual Sales Review (Accrual)
    Combines the billing history for all past months and revenue projections for the current and future months for the current annual report period.

When combined with the Sales add-on, the accrual versions of the reports included with the Sales add-on are also available:



What does term accrual mean?

Please refer to the Wikipedia entry on Accrual.


Additional Information

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