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The best reports in the business
One of Radio Traffic's user-defined dashboards
  RadioTraffic stations know how they're doing at a glance. The software opens up with a real time dashboard that's customized to each user. That saves the time and trouble of printing frequent reports. An owner sees up-to-the-minute sales pacing charts, projections, and analysis! A sales manager sees graphs comparing the various sales people's totals and a list of pending orders for approval. An individual account executive sees his or her own revenue vs. goals.
Real time updating means that when new sales are made, they show on dashboards and in reports as soon as they are approved.

If environmentally-friendly operations are important to you, Radio Traffic's reports can be as paperless as you want. Everything can be "printed" electronically to PDF or Internet HTML files and saved on your computer (rather than your file cabinet or trash)

RadioTraffic starts with 35 standard reports. If you had a useful report from your previous brand of traffic software, you'll get it from us too.

But wait! There's more! You can customize every report 100%! You can move, resize, or delete any column, or right click to add any other data. So if your old software didn't include your digital revenue from streaming, video pre-rolls, website banner ads, text messages, remotes, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, sky writing, mental telepathy or whatever you're selling in the future, with RadioTraffic you merely right click and add it to your reports.

Items can be grouped, sorted and filtered to your specifications. Do that as many times as you want until what you want is exactly what you get. Your stations can't outgrow our reports.

RadioTraffic's Reports Can Be Automatically Emailed To Your iPad
  If report tweaking isn't in your comfort zone, call our support staff. We can turn on screen sharing and build the perfect report while we're on the phone together.

When you open any changed report again from that same computer, all your customizations have been saved. If someone else at your station wants that report to include different data, when they open their version again on their computer, it looks just the way they want.

And if you want several different versions of your report on your computer, you can optionally save them under seperate report names.

Reports can print details or summaries to paper or PDF files you can view on a Mac, iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop or any PC. As an option, you can set up your reports to generate automatic PDF files on any time schedule you want and email them to anybody you want for viewing on any device. RadioTraffic reports are the most powerful and comprehensive in the industry.

Customers: click here for our users' site (Traf.Com) with software and instructions.
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