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Our users say

  • "Monthly billing (for 9 stations) that once took our of team of eight 40 hours is now completed in about 15 hours." - Jill Cullen, Good Karma BC
  • "Radio Traffic was one of the best business decisions we have made in a long time." - Matthew Braccili WHOL
  • "I'm glad I switched to RadioTraffic. It's incredibly powerful and the cost is reasonable." - Tim Radford WKHK
  • "We are VERY PLEASED! Radio-Traffic has the best customer service in the industry. I recommend it to all my radio friends." - Jeff Lovett WGRA
  • "Our sales people run any report they want, any time from their laptop. No waiting for mgt. or traffic." - Rick Pfeiffer KSJB-AM KSJZ-FM

You'll learn RadioTraffic

  • is easier to use
  • is faster
  • logs need less editing
  • handles last minute changes better
  • lets you work anywhere
  • gives sales people more info
  • invoices faster
  • lets users customize reports
  • is easy to switch to
  • costs less
In the Sept. 28, 2016 Radio World, Lori Richardson, Traffic Director for Great Eastern Media wrote this User Report.
In the Sept. 24, 2014 Radio World, David Klement, president of KABW(FM) and KORQ(FM) wrote this User Report. In the Sept. 23, 2015 Radio World, Sherry Crider, Traffic Director for Max Media wrote this User Report
In the Sept. 25, 2013 Radio World, Howard Johnson of the Starcom Group wrote this Starcom User Report. In the Sept. 26, 2012 Radio World, Brian Jewett of CRC Media West wrote this CRC User Report.

In the Sept. 21, 2011 issue of Radio World newspaper, Jill Cullen of Good Karma Broadcasting wrote this Good Karma User Report.

A year before, in the Sept. 22, 2010 Radio World newspaper, Monty Nicely, contractor to LKCM in Texas and other stations make this LKCM User Report.
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Founded January, 2005 in suburban Dallas, Texas, RadioTraffic is a computer software company that provides Windows-based SaaS (Software as a Service) for commercial order entry, scheduling, invoicing and reporting to radio stations and small TV stations. Our sales staff, in-house support technicians and innovative software developers have thousands of long-term business relationships and considerable credibility as an innovator and trustworthy vendor to the radio industry.

Our owner and CEO, Dave Scott, formerly owned and managed Scott Studios, which sold studio automation equipment to 4,600 radio stations. Our market share was larger than the #2, #3 and #4 competitors combined. That operation was purchased by Google in 2006, partly for the ongoing relationship in the heart of the on-air studio equipment that airs all commercials and most music in radio stations, but also for the intellectual property value of 39 patents issued for Scott's radio inventions.

Dave Scott formerly owned radio stations and also was CEO of publicly traded TM Century, Inc., which sold radio programming products ranging from jingles, music libraries on CD, software, comedy services and commercial sales training to over 11,000 radio stations during his tenure. When our owner joined TM Century, its NASDAQ stock was 18 cents. By the time he left, the stock was $4.50 per share. TM later became part of Jones Radio Networks and TM Studios remains vibrant as a division of Cumulus' WestwoodOne.